Why You Should Be Feeding Your Pet Local Dog Food

When it comes to fresh, high-quality food, Australia has you covered.

Australia is known across the globe for having some of the best food exports, supplying high-quality, clean and natural products for consumption worldwide. In particular, the Australian meat industry has an international reputation for supplying clean, safe and natural ingredients that are used by chefs and connoisseurs alike in countless countries.

As a nation that has such a focus on food, it’s no wonder this has translated to the diets we feed the four-legged members of our family.

That being said, the pet food industry in Australia is certainly less regulated than its human counterpart and is notoriously governed by voluntary standards. The rules around pet food are quite lax and if you aren’t careful, you could end up with a subpar product for your pup.

To ensure that your dog is getting the best diet Australia has to offer, you’re going to have to search through a lot of labels and ingredient lists. Here’s what you should look for when it comes to buying pet food locally.

Dog food trends follow human diets

What we feed our dogs is often reflected by what we feed ourselves. After all, if it’s good enough for us, surely it’s good for our pups, right? Grain free, raw diets, and more all emerged from our own eating habits — some people even extend their vegan diets to their pups, though we would personally not recommend this.

So, with the growing demand for healthy ingredients in the Australian food industry, it’s no wonder there is a similar surge in regards to pet food. From using whole fresh ingredients, locally-sourced meats, superfoods and a number of other healthier alternatives, high-quality Australian brands are looking for ways to incorporate more natural ingredients into their recipes. Phoenix, for example, were one of the first manufacturers in the country to start using whole fresh barramundi in their Ocean Fish & Barramundi pet food.

Australian pet food manufacturers have gotten to know the specific tastes and needs of Australian dogs, meaning they can create superior sustenance and ensure that your dog is getting the proper nutrition.

Local and fresh

For most pet owners, the promise of locally-sourced ingredients is reassuring. Imported ingredients may not always be of the best standard — when we have access to such good raw components in our own backyard, why settle for anything less?

Buying local also means that there are no import costs to be taken into consideration, meaning that Aussie alternatives may be cheaper than their competitors. There is also less risk of recalls due to deficiencies or contamination, as has happened with overseas pet food brands.

Best of all, you’ll be supporting locals (and local dogs too!).

Look for Australian owned brands

A loophole that many brands have found useful is Australian made vs. Australian owned. Out of all the dog foods that are made in Australia, a staggering 90% are owned by big multinational corporations who may cut corners by using less quality ingredients and processes.

If you truly want the best of what Australia has to offer for your pet, look to support businesses that both manufacture the food here and that are owned by true blue Aussies.

Phoenix Pet Food is Australian owned and operated, providing Aussie pet owners with natural pet food options. You can find our products in quality pet shops across the country.

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