Diet is the cornerstone of health

Feeding your pet quality pet food gives them every opportunity for better health.

Dogs are here to teach us how to live in the moment, enjoy life and be satisfied with the simple things, like a good game, a hearty walk or a cosy snooze. In return, it’s our responsibility to give them a healthy diet.



Our range is fortified with Vitamin A, which is known to help protect the surface of the eye and the retina. We use natural sources of Vitamin A, like kale, spinach and carrots. Kale also provides lutein and zeaxanthin may help reduce the chance of macular degeneration. Added taurine is an amino acid that supports eye health and combats age-related vision loss. Vitamin C reduces the chance of age-related eye diseases such as macular degeneration and cataracts.

  Skin and coat

Our range includes natural oils and proteins to promote a healthy skin and coat. A diet rich in protein (our range has a minimum 32% protein) replenishes your dog’s skin and coat through all life stages. Additionally, Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids keep skin membranes plump and healthy, while zinc and copper provide essential nutrients for a healthy and shiny coat.


Some breeds of dogs can gain weight as they age, so our grain-free dog food is naturally lower in calories, with no filler. Breeds vary, but some dogs can suffer reduced mobility, so nutrients that help bone strength, joint flexibility and muscle movement can help older dogs. Oral hygiene is important for older dogs, so we’ve designed our kibble to encourage hearty chewing, which helps clean teeth with each meal.

  Oral health

Most dogs develop some form of dental disease in their lifetime. Common problems include tartar buildup, red or swollen gums and bad breath (which can be a sign of gingivitis). Regular checkups with your vet are essential to keep an eye on your dog’s oral and dental health. Our crunchy kibble encourages strong chewing, helping clean dog’s teeth with every bite.


It’s heartbreaking to see your ageing dog struggle to move with comfort. Prevention is always better than cure, so we add natural antioxidants to help joint and muscle movement in dogs of all ages. Vitamin C assists in joint health and can promote the body’s production of collagen. Omega-3 fatty acids help the absorption of calcium for healthier bones, teeth and joints. Vitamin D also supports calcium absorption and helps maintain healthy muscles.

  Brain health and memory

Omega-3 fatty acids help build membranes in brain cells and improve the structure of neurons. Antioxidants from berries are known as good brain foods, because they help reduce oxidative stress. Added glucosinolates (found in kale) promote good brain health and function. B Vitamins and choline helps maintain memory function and prevent brain shrinkage and cognitive decline.

  Gut health and digestion

Probiotics and prebiotics help with digestion, building and maintaining a healthy ecosystem of microflora in the gut. Our range features a healthy blend of protein, vegetables and fruits, alongside essential vitamins and nutrients help create a healthy microbiome in your dog, while added enzymes help in the digestion of complex starches.

  Puppy Growth

Our puppy range is specially formulated for growing puppies, DHA, green-lipped mussel and glucosamine supports joint and muscle development. Large breed variety is specially formulated for controlled growth to promote strong bones. A rich source of DHA and essential fatty acids, promoting brain development and cognitive function as well as promoting healthy skin and coat.