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“As an independent pet store owner and a pet lover, it is important to me to know exactly what ingredients are in the products I sell, how they are sourced and the nutritional value of the formula. I am proud to be able to offer my customers a locally owned, highly nutritious food that was specially formulated by combining the wealth of experience of local, independent pet store owners alongside an expert animal nutritionist.”

Kylie Kane – 100% Pets, Byron Bay

When you buy from us, you buy from the owners in your community. Created by the Indepet group of locally owned Australian and New Zealand pet store owners, Phoenix pet food offers dog owners an alternative to multi-national, imported and mass-market dog foods.

When you get a pet food created by your local pet food retailer (as well as expert nutritionists) you get the expertise that comes with decades of experience helping owners choose the right dog food for their needs.

Our vast group of independent pet stores are located in metropolitan centres and regional hubs across New Zealand and Australia. More than 40 passionate independent pet store owners are part of our broad network that supplies Phoenix to the their local community.


We use only nutritious ingredients - no fillers, guaranteed.


A dog food developed and owned by your local pet store.


All the essential nutrients your dog needs for good health.


We care about the everyday vitality and wellbeing of your dog.


Sustainable sourcing and manufacturing to give you pet and the planet a healthy future.

Who better to create a dog food range than a team of independent pet store owners?

We know and love dogs, so we made them a quality dog food.

We are a collective of independent pet store owners who joined forces to create Phoenix pet food. We wanted to give pet owners a premium dog food that is transparent about its owners, its food sources and manufacturing processes.

When you buy Phoenix dog food, you buy from your local store owner. We have collaborated closely with expert pet nutritionists to give your dog all the necessary vitamins, minerals and protein for the best possible health, each and every day.

Our barramundi is the true innovation in our range, one of the first dog foods on the market to feature significant quantities of nutrient-rich barramundi in consumable, dry dog food form. It’s a game-changer for many dog owners who’ve suffered with sensitive tummies, allergies and fussy eaters.

No matter which variety of Phoenix you choose, you can trust that with every bite, your dog is getting nothing but quality ingredients, filled with the nutrients and vitamins they need to live life to the fullest.

Your locally-owned
premium dog food brand

Question: What makes a top-quality, highly nutritious dog food, made with all-natural ingredients even better?
Answer: When it’s owned by your local independent pet store.

Shop local with Phoenix dog food.

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