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With Phoenix, the person selling you the pet food is the person who owns the brand. The Phoenix creators are a collective of independent pet store owners who bring decades of experience and knowledge to their own range of quality dog food.

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Question: What makes a top-quality, highly nutritious dog food, made with all-natural ingredients even better?
Answer: When it’s owned by your local independent pet store.

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Innovation, quality and nutrition in every bag of dog food

You want to give your dog a healthy diet, but unless you’re a dog nutritionist, you need to trust a vet or favourite pet supply store to give you expert advice. With Phoenix, you get the best of both worlds, because it’s developed by an expert pet nutritionist to provide all the nutrients a healthy dog needs.

Each of our varieties has been created by leading pet nutritionists to provide the optimal blend of nutrients for every day.

At least 32% protein in each serve

Grain free, no fillers

Made with Australian ingredients

Complete with vitamins, minerals and nutrients


It’s the ingredients that make a quality dog food, and we source nothing but the best local produce. We’re especially proud of our Ocean Fish and Barramundi recipe, which includes sustainably sourced whole fresh Australian barramundi. It is lower in calories, rich in essential fatty acids and ideal for dogs with sensitivities. In all our dog food range, each ingredient is selected to allow your pet to flourish. Our expert pet nutritionists suggest food combinations like, kale, coconut, blueberries and fatty oils to provide the balance of nutrients that your dog can enjoy day in, day out for long-term good health.

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The ideal dog food has a blend of several ingredients, to make it fully balanced and suitable for eating every day. So, we source an extensive range of products from across Australia to include in our dog food range. We like to offer a full suite of nutrients while also replicating what your dog would enjoy in the wild.

Nutritionally balanced and all natural ingredients

  • Vision

    Our range is fortified with Vitamin A, which is known to help protect the surface of the eye and the retina.

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  • Mobility

    We add natural antioxidants to help joint and muscle movement in dogs of all ages.

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  • Ageing

    Grain-free, naturally lower in calories with premium nutrients to support bone strength and flexibility.

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  • Skin and Coat

    Our range includes natural oils and proteins to promote a healthy skin and coat.

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  • Brain health and memory

    Added omega-3 fatty acids, glucosinolates, vitamins and choline promote good brain health and function.

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  • Oral health

    Our crunchy kibble encourages strong chewing, helping clean dog’s teeth with every bite.

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  • Gut health and digestion

    Our range help create a healthy microbiome in your dog and help in the digestion of complex starches.

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  • Growth

    Puppy range specially formulated to support joint & muscle development for strong and healthy growth.

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Diet is the cornerstone of health

Feeding your pet quality pet food gives them every opportunity for better health. Dogs are here to teach us how to live in the moment, enjoy life and be satisfied with the simple things, like a good game, a hearty walk or a cosy snooze. In return, it’s our responsibility to give them a healthy diet.

Help your best friend reduce their carbon pawprint

Giving dog owners a nutrient-rich sustainable everyday diet — the superfood, barramundi. Barramundi offers plenty of amazing health benefits for…

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